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Keep A Dog Busy

June 11, 2015

Q: I need something to keep my big dog busy while I attend a meeting. It can’t last him just 20 minutes, and he’ll be in my office, so it can’t be anything too messy. Any suggestions?

– name withheld

A: The most engaging and long-lasting chew I could suggest would be a big raw beef knuckle bone, but that’s really pretty messy. A bully stick probably wouldn’t survive the 20 minutes, and a Nylabone might not be all that engaging.
I guess my best suggestion is for you to consider giving your dog a naturally-shed deer, elk, or moose antler, currently very popular in the world of chews. They’re pretty engaging with no mess, but I wouldn’t use them as pacifiers too regularly. Given their rough, hard surface, I’d be inclined to think that they might wear down his teeth over time. If the abrasive surface of tennis balls can wear down the teeth, then the abrasive surface of antlers might well have the same long-term effect.
Hope that helps!

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