February 18, 2019

Mass Audubon – Mindfulness and Nature: Winter Woods. Location: Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, MA. Audience: Adult Members: $339.00     Nonmembers: $339.00. Mass Audubon is proud to partner with Kripalu to offer outdoor programs that explores the intersection of mindfulness practices with appreciation of the natural world. Experience the New England woods in winter through the lens of consciousness and awakened perspective. Explore the fascinating world of the late-winter forest and its denizens, and expand your awareness of woodlands on the snow-covered trails of the Yokun Ridge, a designated Massachusetts Forest Legacy area. Develop observational skills to interpret the subtle ‘‘language’’ of animal tracks and other signs, observe winter birds in their natural habitat, and learn about the lives of trees that comprise the beautiful and diverse Berkshire forests. Notice patterns across the landscape and deepen awareness of place through mindfulness practice. Experience the healing, meditative qualities of “forest bathing” in evergreen-rich woods, and relax with gentle indoor yoga and movement classes. Accommodations, meals, additional yoga classes, and healing arts services available through Kripalu for additional fees. For more details and to register, visit kripalu.org.