Concert and Opening Celebration.


Starts in 1 Day, 12 Hours

May 26, 2019 3:00 pm

A Free Woman: The Amazing Grace of Mum Bet with Diane Taraz– In 1781, during the American Revolution, a slave named Bet sued for her freedom in a court of law in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. She won her case and chose a new name: Elizabeth Freeman. Her fierce desire to be a free woman led her on a path that illuminates the experiences of women in the early days of our country. Diane explores the life of Elizabeth Freeman in the music of the time. Refreshments will be served. Free for members, $15 for non-Members. Bidwell House Museum, 100 Art School Road, Monterey, MA 01245. 413-528-6888. Please note: the museum is closed for tours this day.