PAGE 24 SHOPPER’S GUIDE ISSUE OF MARCH 7, 2018 ONE SECTION CELEBRATING 5O YEARS SERVING THE TRI-STATE COUNTIES!!! NOW through March 31 st WITH THIS COUPON * 20% ANNUAL SEEDS VEGETABLE SEEDS BIRDHOUSES DEER REPELLENTS PRUNING TOOLS SOILS BIRDSEED COMPOSTERS HOUSE PLANTS GARDEN GIFTS GARDEN GLOVES *PLEASE TEAR OUT & BRING THIS COUPON WITH YOU TO RECEIVE 20% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE! Wa r d ’ s N u r s e r y & G a r d e n C e n t e r - 6 00 S M a i n S t r e e t - G t . B a r r i n g t o n , MA Open Every Day 8 AM - 5:30 PM - - 413-528-0166 Colorful Pots of Spring - Primrose, Hyacinth, Daffodils, Oxalis & More Through March 31 st 2018 SPRING OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY MARCH 10 th 10 a.m. - Making a Garden for the Birds with Margaret Roach, Author and Blogger of “A Way to Garden” 2 p.m. – Growing Heirloom Vegetables & Flowers Organically with John Faivre, Herb ‘N Renewal Honey Farm. SUNDAY MARCH 11 th 1 p.m. - Designing with Annuals and Tropicals with Valerie Locher, Horticulturist. SATURDAY MARCH 17 th 10 a.m. - Container Gardening with Jenna O’Brien, Viridissima Design 2 p.m. – Planting & Maintaining Strawberries, Raspberries & Blueberries with Marc Fadding, Marconica, Inc. -S.R.O. Where Gardeners Grow ard’s SATURDAY MARCH 24 th 10 a.m. - Ideal Shrubs and Trees with Dexter Mason and Greg Ward, Ward’s Horticulturists -S.R.O. 2 p.m. - Before and After Home Landscapes with Craig Okerstrom-Lang, RLA, ASLA, Okerstrom-Lang Ltd Landscape Architects. SATURDAY March 31 st 10 a.m. - Combining Perennials in the Garden for Year-round Beauty with Jenna O’Brien, Viridissima Design M ARCH M ADNESS Ward’s Sale COMPOST ORGANIC FERTILIZER MULCH POTTERY DIGGING TOOLS O F F Almost E V E R Y T H I N G ! i No coupon necessary for Garden Rewards Club Members! Use Your Card to Earn Points with Every Purchase and Receive Sale Prices Automatically. Not a Member? Join online or in the store today! FREE Weekend Classes ~ Weekend Giveaways Sorry- FULL- handouts available Some Classes are S TANDING R OOM O NLY - S.R.O. - Pre-register Online or Call TODAY! Waiting List Only Classes are Free -See Details at