Grand Prize Giveaway

It’s the glorious Summer of renewal in ‘21
May your excitement for The ‘GRAND’ be the same.
Pay close attention and enjoy the hunt,
And you just might win the game!

Search for The ‘GRAND’ with a whole bunch of friends
Or hunt all along with your pup.
But leave your shovel at home, my friend,
As you won’t have to dig me up.

The objective is to be the first to locate
The secret hiding place of The ‘GRAND’.
Keep in mind, wherever that may be
Will not be on someone’s private land.

Where should you launch a successful search
That you’re confident won’t tax your brain?
You might wish to begin from our previous site
Near Fox Farm at the end of Lovers Lane.

Although you won’t find snow on the slopes yet
Skiing at Catamount can be the best.
But you won’t locate the prize there
And, after all, you’re too far West.

Golfers can’t wait for a Wyantenuck round
With the smell of cut grass in the air.
But to secure the $1,000.00 bounty
You’ll want to play North of there.

Humphrey Bogart won’t be at the bar
Although they carry his affectionate name.
But you’re too far ‘down east’, my friend,
If you want to put the big check in a frame.

You don’t need a club in your hand to shoot even par
If you ace my connection with The Gate House at Bard.
You might hoist the trophy as the game winning star
Then you can brag you hit it out of the yard.

You might not spot a Sea Lion out there
But how ‘bout a Prairie Whale? – you could!
Maybe stop by for a beverage and a bite
Then point your compass West – you should.

You still have ample time to find the loot.
Indeed The ‘GRAND’ opportunity’s not gone.
If you enjoy Great Barrington’s River Walk
Stay on the side of The Housatonic that you’re on.

If the hunt for the ‘Prize’ is making you thirsty
You might enjoy a frosty libation or ice tea.
The Barrington Brewery might be your oasis
But you’re further North and East than you should be.

In the sunset I can see the river
Slowly meandering along just fine.
Credence Clearwater Revival made it a hit
Back in the Summer of ’69.

Although I don’t have as many books
As The Mason Public Library,
We do have something in common
And you enjoy reading my clues, I see.

If you’re tired and stressed and worried
That you won’t create a ‘GRAND’ pay day,
I hope you won’t need to be hospitalized
But Fairview’s  not that far away.

If you  could choose between Shawmuts, Comets, or Grommets
Only one can help you the most.
You could be rockin’ with a grand in your hand
Or, of course, you could just be toast.

The names of the victims might help, if you know
In Bobbie Gentry’s ode, what occurred on the bridge
When Billie Joe lost his life on The Tallahatchie
While he was up there on Choctaw Ridge.

Enter the field by #6 Haley
The large rock will point the way.
Be observant, now, and get there first
And you’ll be rewarded with a ‘GRAND’ pay day.

Beloved poet Robert Frost advised us
“It will stand forth, entirely white in bark.”
Peruse the serpent vine on the great birch
And you’ll celebrate an enjoyable ‘$GRAND PRIZE$’ lark!

The Bookloft, 63 State Rd, Great Barrington, MA
Fluff Alpaca, 319 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA
Great Barrington Bagel Company & Deli, 777 Main St, Great Barrington, MA
Laramee Cleaners, 396 Stockbridge Rd, Great Barrington, MA
Lennox Jewelers, 165 Main St, Great Barrington, MA
Mielke Confections, 260 Stockbridge Rd, Great Barrington, MA