Energy Resources

LOG TRUCK LOAD of firewood. Approximately 6 cords, delivered. $500. Call Mike at (413)-429-7395.

FIREWOOD: Fully seasoned (2 to 3 years), all hardwood, cut, split, and delivered. Only dealer in the area supplying Tumbled clean firewood! Our premium hardwood is split and fed through a tumbler to clean out dirt and slash. Quantity discounts available. Call (518)-339-1354 or (518)-755-2770.

SEASONED FIREWOOD: Cut last winter. Cut, split & delivered $225. (413)-329-3906.

FIREWOOD: Seasoned, split, cut, 1 cord. You pick up. $180. (413)-528-9991.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE: Seasoned hardwood. Call (518)-329-0385.

FOR SALE: Half pallet of premium hardwood pellets for $75. (413)-528-2634.