Over 50 Years of Building Community

In this age of digital media, many have questioned the relevance and future of printed publications. It is a question we have addressed here at the Shopper’s Guide as each of us has experienced to a varying degree a shift in where and how and with what we get our news and information. Yet readers continue to tell us they look for and through the Shopper’s Guide every week to find out what’s going on, were to go and what to do, and advertisers tell us its extremely important for the tri-state Southern Berkshires to have a free and accessible weekly Shopper’s Guide that fosters the local economy and promotes community.

What makes living in and visiting the Southern Berkshires so special is the value we place in community and supporting the local economy. “Buy Local-Support Local” is not a fad but a way of life in the Berkshires, just as it was in 1968 when Eunice and John T. Raifstanger established the Shopper’s Guide as a way to connect buyers and sellers in the tri-state Southern Berkshire region.

At the end of the day, business gets done locally, not up in the clouds. It’s about relationships – knowing people’s names and making a direct connection through a trusted and respected friend. Thank you for supporting the role we have played in building community in the Southern Berkshires for over 50 years, and for the value you continue to place in a printed, community-supported Shopper’s Guide.